Kalinga ng Sining is one of CCP's COVID-19 response programs to help the arts and cul ...


“KALINGA NG SINING (KNS): Art for Healing and Transformation SUBSISTENCE GRANTS PROGRAM (SGP), as one of CCP’s covid-19 risk mitigation plans, aims to provide financial assistance to qualified region based arts/culture/educational organizations, local govt. units, and non-govt. organizations to enable them to implement contingency strategies that will support displaced local artists and cultural workers. 

Through the local projects and initiatives of the proponents, the KNS SGP seeks to advocate the significance of art and culture to every Filipino, especially during crisis time, in the hope that the public, mainly the govt. leaders and lawmakers, will regard it as an “essential” part of human existence, survival and progress.

The SGP will extend financial help in pro-rated amounts for medium and big projects that will run and operate between 3 to 8 weeks.  To be administered by the CCP CED through its Kaisa sa Sining (KSS) Regional Arts Centers (RACs) nationwide and other qualified local entities.