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Awards and Grants


The Visual Arts and Museum Division (VAMD) under the Production and Exhibition Department of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) has maintained its thrust of promoting contemporary visual expressions and has earned a reputation for accommodating non-commercial, innovative, and even controversial projects and exhibits. It administers the Thirteen Artists Awards, periodically conferred by the CCP to progressive young artists. It also organizes public programs such as artist talks, workshops, and other activities in conjunction with current exhibitions.

The VAMD is also in charge of the CCP Visual Arts Collection, the Museo ng Kalinangang Pilipino Collection, and the Collection of Asian Traditional Musical Instruments. Composed of over two thousand items (paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures, mixed media works, ethnographic materials, and musical instruments), these collections continue to be used for research publications, exhibitions and loans by other institutions.

The VAMD also offers exhibition venues where current visual art expressions may be mounted, featured, studied and analyzed. In support of this, the VAMD traditionally presents ten to thirteen venue grant exhibitions as part of the CCP's annual programming through an Open Call for Exhibition Proposals. Selected grantees are able to mount their exhibitions at six of the seven galleries in the CCP, and at times even in non-gallery spaces. The annual venue grant includes free use of space, curatorial support, subsidy for printing of exhibition collaterals, publicity and photo and video documentation.

The 2021 Exhibition Grant Program

Due to the COVID19 outbreak, the previously approved and programmed venue grant exhibitions for 2020 had to be moved to 2021 in order for the CCP to remain closed, and ensure the health and safety of audience members, artists, and employees. During this period, the CCP through and with its community, strategized on how to maintain public engagement and opportunities for artists. New initiatives and overhauls of established programs were mostly seen through different online platforms. This presentation of content created an avenue for the social and mental well-being of the public during the quarantine period until the present. It is important to note that the Philippine artistic community responded and is continuously responding and making its presence felt during this crisis.

In line with this, the VAMD is accepting proposals for one exhibition grant that will highlight an artist/group of artists’ response to or experience during the Covid-19 pandemic. This special exhibition grant, a first for the VAMD, will include a small production fund to cover professional fees, materials to be used, and the creation of the artworks for the exhibition. Artists, curators, art organizations, and institutions are welcome to submit proposals for an exhibition to be mounted at the Pasilyo Victorio Edades (4F Hallway Gallery) from April to July 2021 (inclusive of ingress and egress). A floor plan of the exhibit area is available upon request via

CCP-VAMD Exhibition Grant Guidelines

Exhibit Proposal Requirements
  1. Exhibit concept
  2. Physical and logistical requirements of presentation of exhibit (Preliminary studies/works-in-progress/past works similar to those to be included in proposed exhibition, exhibit layout, carpentry  needed, technical equipment to be used, etc.)
  3. Contact details of artist/curator/artist group (email, mobile number, landline, website, social media, etc.)
  4. Background information about artist/curator/artist group (artist bio, curriculum vitae, artist statement, bibliography, etc.)
  5. Documentation of past works and exhibitions of artist/curator/ artist group
  6. Other pertinent information related to the proposed exhibit (possible public program/talks/workshops and other activities, dialogue with CCP Visual Arts Collection/Museo ng Kalingang Pilipino collection/Collection of Asian Traditional Musical Instruments, and  interaction with other CCP offices/programs, etc.)

Should the VAMD find it necessary, proponents may be requested to submit or supply further information or additional materials in connection with their proposals, or the CCP may also collaborate with the artist/s towards the development of a project. Incomplete proposals will not be evaluated.

Review Criteria 

The VAMD evaluates proposals based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance to the theme
  • Quality and maturity of artistic skills
  • Innovativeness and contemporaneity of proposed exhibit
  • Sensitive awareness of the artist’s responsibility to  Philippine society
  • Consistency with the CCP's 2020 Arts Response to COVID19. Exhibit concept should ensure that viewers benefit from the educational, inspirational and healing properties of arts and culture using  alternative modes of engagement.
  • Appropriateness, feasibility and adaptability to the specified venue. Proposals may be disqualified based on the following reasons:
    • Fund raising activities, product launches and advertising campaigns which would be more suitably held in other venues, including exhibitions by commercial art galleries/entities
    • Exhibitions that are prejudicial to the rights and welfare of other people.

Submission of Proposals

Proposals for exhibitions must be submitted on or before 30 September 2020. All proposals submitted shall be reviewed by the VAMD and presented to the CCP Artistic Programming Committee for final approval.

The proponent of the selected proposal shall be notified via email and invited for a production meeting three months prior to their scheduled exhibit. An Exhibition Agreement shall be prepared stipulating the terms and conditions agreed during the production meeting.

Components of the Grant

The grantee will be given the following support:

  • Production grant of Php 25,000 (inclusive of tax), subject to full liquidation for accounting purposes
  • Free use of venue with basic lighting
  • Curatorial support
  • Subsidy for printing of exhibition collaterals such as invitations, outdoor marquee, brochure, and wall text
  • Publicity in mainstream media and online platforms
  • Exhibit documentation

Deadline for 2021 exhibitions: 30 September 2020

Only proposals sent via email will be accepted. Proposals may be sent to on or before 30 September 2020.

For more information, please contact telephone numbers (632) 8832-1125 loc. 1504/1505 and (632) 8832-3702, mobile (0935)3379438, or email


CCP-VAMD Exhibition Grant Guidelines