The agency of perspective and place frames the constructs by young minds in “Tagu-T ...



The Cultural Center of the Philippines


Exhibit duration: 23 May to 30 June 2019
Bulwagang Carlos V. Francisco (Little Theater Lobby)
Opening reception: 23 May, Thursday, 6pm


The agency of perspective and place frames the constructs by young minds in “Tagu-Tagpuan,” the thesis exhibit presented by four Grade 12 students, who identify themselves as Batch Jarmonya, so named after the virtual patronage of National Artists Jose Joya (visual arts) and Severino Montano (theatre); and also as visual arts majors of the Philippine High School for the Arts (PHSA).

On view are the individual projects that culminate from the Senior High School program's synthesis of research, theory and studio methods into a cohesive unity of subject, content, form and resulting contexts. The thesis itself at the final stretch, is a result of resolving visual problems along with the codings of space; the performative potential within objects and bodies; and the harnessing of mediums and media towards particular audience engagements. These were the processes guided by Salvador Joel Alonday, Noel Soler Cuizon and Karen Ocampo Flores as faculty.

“Tagu-Tagpuan” is easily a call to play— to hide-and-seek, but also to regard what is hidden and revealed, and to direct these students’ personal views into the societal stream; thus contributing their perspectives into four themes of discourse. Tristan Guinid delves into an iconography about idolatry and politics. Wika Nadera structures monumentality out of the shared but dissipated memories of fellow Ibarang alumni of the PHSA. Elaine Olaer animates and locates cultural stratification about Obando, Bulacan. And Roberta Santos manipulates the fabric of healing against stigma and shame.

The call then springs from both unity and discord, into moments and places where new perspectives are invited to take form. And only monuments where remembering seeks a reckoning.

Karen Ocampo Flores