November 04, 2020


November 4, 2020

IN this time of pandemic when access to the arts is limited, the express digital ride of the Arts Express: CCP Children's Biennale can provide children with the journeys to the different artistic experiences, art making, artists exchanges, creative expressions and showcases.

“There are several studies that show how arts and creative activities help in child development.  There are reports showing the correlation between arts and academic excellence.  Arts – in whatever forms –teaches children how to express themselves, interpret and criticize, as well as help them make their own opinions and decisions. Therefore, it is crucial that we start them young,” shared CCP chairperson Margie Moran-Floirendo.

The CCP Board of Trustees, led by chair Moran-Floirendo, has set the direction for a more active, strategic approach to the center’s art programming for children, including the Children’s Biennale.

The children's festival, which opened last October 31 with a short program, PPO Tricks and Musical Treats concert and MALA: Ibong Adarna puppet show, continues to present artistic opportunities and experiences to children from zero to eight years old, the prime age group for holistic human development as revealed by studies.

The performing arts curtain goes up with “Pamanang Pahina” on November 1, at 4pm.  Watch the unique collaboration of theater and shadow play as Tanghalang Pilipino and Anino Shadow Play collaborate to bring to life well-loved children's book stories.  First on the Curtains UP is Dr. Luis Gatmaitan's “Mga Giyera sa Katawan ni Mark,” a story about how the human body fights germs and bacteria and keep itself healthy.

It will be followed by Yna Reyes’ “Ang Bagong Kaibigan ni Bing Butiki,” which follows the adventure of Bing Butiki and how her unlikely friendship with a young girl blossoms.

The “Pamanang Pahina” show ends with Dr. Luis Gatmaitan's “May Mga Lihim Kami ni Ingkong,” which is about a boy who comes to terms with his grandfather's dementia.  Based on the author's childhood experience, the story won the 2000 Palanca 2nd Prize winner for Best Story for Children.

The Curtains UP station continues with “Small Voice” on November 8, at 4pm. A young soprano shares her story when she discovers her small voice, and develops it through practice and singing.  Fast forward to the future where the small voice is a classical performer, being pushed to the limits as she experiences singing at an opera.  Join Alexa Kaufman as the young soprano, and Gerphil Flores as the opera performer.

The Philippine Ballet Theater brings Cinderella’s timeless tale of rags-to-riches to the Children’s Biennale on November 15, at 4pm.  Choreographed by Ron Jaynario, the PBT dancers give life to iconic characters of evil stepmother and stepsisters, fairy godmother and the prince to unravel the well-loved fairy tale we all grew up with.

Learn the value of home, society and environment in “Kuwentong Karapat-Dapat,” showing on November 22.  The show features three CANVAS-published stories - “Tahan Na, Tahanan,” “Nadia and the Blue Stars,” and “Inang Kalikasan’s Bad Hair Day.”

The stories come to life through shadowplay, dance and music, performed by artist partners Anima Tierra, Daloy Dance Company and Anino Shadowplay Collective, with performance and direction by Abner Delina Jr. also known as Kuya Fidel of children’s show Batibot.

After the Curtains UP shows, head to the Pelikulit station and catch the animation short films for kids, including Augie Rivera’s “Ang Katawan Ko at Ako,” Jaypril Bataller’s “Halimaw,” Philex Merano/Dominic Barrios’ “Work in Progress,” Carl Papa’s “‘Nay,” and Nonoy Dadivas’ “Junkzilla.”

The performances and shows will happen in the Batang Sining Facebook page.  The CCP launched the Batang Sining Facebook page as a platform for creative expression and collaboration opportunities of arts content for children, parents/guardians and teachers.

For more information, follow the official CCP, Batang Sining, and Arts Education Facebook pages and social media accounts.  Visit the CCP website (