Saranggola Blog Awards Online Awarding Ceremony

June 10, 2020


June 9, 2020

WINNERS of the 2019 Saranggola Blog Awards (SBA) in various categories will be announced in an awarding ceremony on June 12, 2020 at 2:00pm. The event also coincides with the celebration of the group's 11th anniversary.

The SBA 2019 is made possible in collaboration with the Intertextual Division of the Cultural Center of the Philippines.  The awarding ceremony is free and open to the public, and can be viewed online through the SBA Facebook page (

Saranggola Blog Awards was established by Real Estate worker Bernard Umali with the support of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, DMCI Homes and Golden Leaf Productions. A graduate from the Philippine Normal University, Bernard began the SBA to give Filipino bloggers a venue to present their blogs in Tagalog. Initially, Bernard wanted only bloggers to compete in the SBA, but later extended it to the public where everyone could join and write their own Internet blogs.

One of the SBA's objectives is to spread the use of the Filipino language on the Internet.  Participants in the event include people without any background in literature or writing-related course in college, as well as Overseas Filipino Workers. The SBA management also believe that this can even inspire other people with no passion for writing to write blogs.

The SBA’s categories consist of Short Story, Flash Fiction, Children’s Tales, Essay, Poetry and Book Review. This year’s judges comprise of noted writers and critics in the Philippines:

Judges for the Short Story:

  • Bob Ong
  • Che Sarigumba
  • Perry Mangilaya

Judges for Flash Fiction:

  • Deane Camua
  • Abdon Balde, Jr.
  • Ernesto Carandang

Judges for Children’s Tales:

  • Wennielyn Fajilan
  • Ruth Valorie Catabijan
  • AJ Pulmano (child)

Judges for Essay:

  • Marra Lanot
  • Katrina Stuart Santiago
  • Camilo Villanueva

Judges for Poetry:

  • Louise Adrienne Lopez
  • Adam David
  • Herminio Beltran Jr.

Judges for the Book Review:

  • Pinoy Reads Pinoy Books Book Club moderators and members
  • Jayson Fajardo
  • Erika Antuerfia
  • Maria Ella Betos

Each winner will receive a cash prize, certificate, and a trophy created by visual artist Honesto Guiruela.

Everyone is invited to join and watch the awarding ceremony of SBA 2019. For more information regarding SBA, visit or send a question to the SBA Facebook page at