September 14, 2017

September 14, 2017

AFTER several decades of producing performances for the general public, the Ramon Obusan Folkloric Foundation (ROFF), Inc., through its performing arm the Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group (ROFG), has decided to redirect its efforts to utilize unrecognized strength of the company – its untapped cultural materials – to be used as educational tools for dance and traditional music training.

In partnership with the CCP Arts Education, the ROFF, Inc launches Bahay ni Kuya on September 21, 2017. Located at 094 Road 4, CAA Housing Area Pildera II, NAIA, Pasay City, Bahay ni Kuya is the Home of Philippine Folk Heritage and Learning Resource Center of the National Artist for Dance Ramon Arevalo Obusan.

It will operate to revive, safeguard, preserve and make the National Artist’s collections readily accessible, and provide service to the cultural education needs of artists, youths, students, scholars, teachers and arts enthusiasts.

The foundation, led by its the board of directors composed of Obusan family members and the ROFG members, has reached out to tap possible collaborations, in line with the wishes of the late National Artist Ramon Arevalo Obusan as to how his foundation can be utilized, “find a way where the ROFF can be of full service to the generations to come. Make sure that my researches are transferred to the top-of-the line CDs to be preserved and eventually used by the next generation.”

Words of a seminal nature that necessitated the need to shift the focus of the organizations towards a thrust geared to education. The ROFF honors the founder’s wish by continuing to be a CCP resident company by identifying areas to focus on such as Batang ROFG; digitization & preservation of Ramon Obusan Collections and Artifacts; training and lecture-demonstration in various communities, and the Bahay ni Kuya.

For more information, contact the Cultural Management Division/Arts Education Department at 832-1125 local 1710 or check the website http://artseducation.culturalcenter.gov.ph.