Cinemalaya Institute conducts 2nd Intensive Film Workshops with International Faculty

April 19, 2016

April 19, 2016

FILM professors from the New York Film School and the London Film School will teach advanced courses in screenwriting, editing and directing at the Cinemalaya Institute beginning May 2016.  Applications are now being accepted.  

Sophia Wellington will teach Writing the Feature-length Screenplay, on May 24-July 2.  Designed for students with scriptwriting experience and with outlines or drafts of existing screenplays, the course will take students through the process of refining a feature idea, creating strong characters, developing a story arc, writing a step outline and a draft of the screenplay.  They will study plotting, visual storytelling, scene writing and dialogue as they meet the challenge of a robust outline.  At the end of the course, students will have a step outline and scenes to enable them to complete a draft of their feature screenplay.  Course instructor Sophia Wellington has taught screenwriting at many film schools including the London Film School and London Film Academy.  Wellington is an expert in script development.

Jon Hammond will teach film editing on June 6 to July 1, 2016.  Film Editing Class is an advanced and intensive four week course featuring lectures and exercises.  Key areas to be studied and explored are editing fiction, making the cuts (conventions and reasons), structure (the architecture of the film and editing as final rewrite), dramatic point of view (subjective and objective shots), editing dialogue scenes, montage sequences, action sequences and transitions, linear time, non-linear time and alternative realities  and others. The course is highly recommended for editors with some experience in nonnarrative or narrative forms, but would like to master the art of editing narrative fiction films.  Hammond is a freelance editor at BBC, ITV, C4, and many others.

Carlos Siguion-Reyna will teach Basic Filmmaking: The Silent Film, on 24 May to 2 July 2016. This is a six-week course in directing. In this course, students will apply the basics of film language in film exercises and achieve a basic mastery of the classic conventions and tools of the film directors.  Siguion-Reyna is an award winning film/theatre director.

Venue for the editing course will be at the Central Digital Lab while the Screenwriting and Directing courses will be held at the Shooting Galleries, both in Makati City.

The Cinemalaya Institute is the training arm of the Cinemalaya Foundation. Through the Cinemalaya Institute, the Cinemalaya Foundation focuses its efforts on providing education, training and accreditation of practitioners in key aspects of film production.

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