May 31, 2019

May 30, 2019

THE Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) through its Cultural Exchange Department welcomes Batch 2 of its Kaisa sa Sining (KSS) Regional Art Centers (RACs) Apprenticeship Program.
Launched last year with twenty apprentices from ten provinces all over the country,  the program is a month long apprenticeship with CCP’s strategic work areas to include production management, production design and technical services, cultural exchange, venue operations, library and archives, museum and gallery management, film-broadcast and media arts, arts education and theater company management specifically for the arts and culture practitioners from the CCP KSS regional art centers in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.  It aims to provide support to the CCP KSS regional art centers in advancing the culture, arts, and theater management in the regions and enhance the competence level and skills of the regional arts and culture practitioners in the specific work areas in the CCP.  

The program includes a hands-on teach-ins with accompanying lectures, mentoring, coaching, readings, case studies, visit to major arts/cultural sites and institutions, actual project or event management which will be facilitated by the CCP artistic units.

Batch 2019 members are practitioners from 10 provinces and 8 RACs who will undertake the apprenticeship program from June 4-29, 2019.  From Mindanao: Jamaira Hirang Saruang (MSU-IIT Iligan), Jireh Mae Setit Bactong (RMMC Gen. Santos), Mark Tejada (LSU Ozamiz), Josey Rex Soriano (XU Cagayan de Oro), Thea Tiongco (RMMC Gen. Santos), Muamar Catual (MSU Marawi), Frechi Gacal (RMMC Marbel, So. Cotabato), Joshua Paquingan (MSU-IIT Iligan), Aldren Alferez (LSU Ozamiz), Sahani Isah (MSU Marawi), Sittie Umpa (MSU IIT Iligan), and Pepito Sumayan (MSU Marawi).  

From Visayas: Mark Kilapkilap (SU-Dumaguete), Ezra Mae Divino (Negros Museum Bacolod), and Princess Amar (Negros Musuem Bacolod).  

From Luzon: Jonie Pangilinan (CCA-Angeles); Randy Nobleza (MSC Marinduque), Jeron Padilla (Sinukwan-Angeles), and Jula Ong (CCA-Angeles).

With CCP opening its doors for the regional practitioners to gain more knowledge and become more skilled at the different work areas in arts, culture and theater management, a major enrichment in the implementation of arts, culture and theater programs, events and activities in the local communities is in the offing.

For more information about the CCP-KSS Apprenticeship Program, contact the CCP Cultural Exchange Department at tel. no. 832-1125 locals 1708-1709.