February 08, 2018

APPLICATIONS for the 2018 Local Tour Grants Program of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) are now open for submission. The program will give out Php75,000 each to six (6) qualified cultural performing groups from the regions to enable them to implement a short tour of their productions within or outside their community.

Since it was launched in 2014 up to 2017 a total of twenty five (25) regional performing groups have been given the tour grants: twelve from Mindanao, five from Visayas and eight from Luzon. These groups have rendered a total of 50 performances in 76 local communities and reached an estimate audience of 42,513. The CCP Cultural Exchange Department (CED) who administers the program, continues to support and motivate local cultural performing groups to achieve artistic excellence and promote local art and cultural expressions in various venues and communities. The provision of tour grants for local productions by deserving regional cultural performing groups would further fortify the center’s regional cultural work since 38 years ago.

The grantees are expected to render two (2) performances in two (2) sites with an interaction session after each performance. The chosen groups must implement their local tours anytime between July-September 2018. The criteria for evaluation and selection are as follows:

1. The tour grant is open for regional (either from Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao with the exception of the National Capital Region) cultural performing groups who have been actively presenting, producing & promoting their local art forms in the last five (5) years.

2. The group or organization should have a very good track record and is recognized by their peers and community.

3. The group’s production or creative work must be original with a high level of artistry,  utilizes a local artistic form/s and presents either the history, traditions and culture of their community or region and must run for a minimum of one-hour.

4.  The production must have been previously mounted for public performances. 

All 2017 grantees are not eligible to apply for the 2018 grant program. A two-year break applies to the grantees, after which they can already submit their proposals.

All interested and qualified regional groups must submit an accomplished application form (available at the CCP website) together with the following: Profile of the group; Synopsis, Program, Script and/or Repertoire of the Production; Photos and sample video/audio materials; Press Releases or Reviews; Target tour dates and sites; and Two (2) recommendation letters from reputable institutions (e.g. university, foundation, LGU). The deadline for submission is on March 9, 2018.

For more information, contact the CED at tel. no. (632) 832-1125 locals 1708-1709, telefax (632) 832-674 and email address or visit the CCP website at