September 20, 2016

September 20, 2016

OPEN auditions for various male and female roles for the Cinemalaya 2017 film finalists will be held on October 15 and 16, 2016 from 10am-7pm at the MKP Hall (Multi-Purpose Hall) of the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

The required characters for the following Cinemalaya 2017 films are:


Aasim (8-10 years old, smart boy, willing to undergo gun, firing and military training, fluent in Tagalog), Basil (10-12 years old, brave neophyte child soldier, willing to undergo gun, firing and military training and fluent in Tagalog), Kapitan Badi (in his early to late 70’s, a chieftain in his barrio, very helpful to his subordinates and fluent in Tagalog),Kareem (8-10 years old, likes to hold and fire a real gun, willing to undergo gun, firing and military training and fluent in Tagalog), Aban (10-14 years old, uses his gun like a skilled warrior, willing to undergo gun, firing and military training), Jaraah (20-25 years old, beautiful and loving girlfriend of Aaquil, and fluent in Tagalog), Draco and Dado(30-40 years old, wicked torturers, and a Military hair cut needed).


Luna (in her 30’s, morena, comfortable with nudity), Jason (in his 40’s, American, mestizo, tall with commanding presence), Paul (16-20 years old, Filipino-American, mestizo, fluent in English), Casey (6-9 years old, Filipino-American, mestiza, fluent in English), Benjie (25-30 years old, tall, moreno and muscular)


Female (lead role, 27-35 years old, girl-next-door look with a feisty attitude, must know how to ride a mountain bike, outdoorsy and athletic)


Hendrix (16-19 years old, male, handsome, knows how to rap, good-humored), Doc / Neron (60-70 years old, male, ill-tempered, irritable, strict, rude), Mando (30-40 years old, male, muscular, filthy but clever, lives in the squatters), SPO3 Fuentes (30-35 years old, male, ordinary-looking policeman, moreno), Hepe Agustin (40-50 years old, male, robust, trustworthy), Connie (35-40 years old, female, prominent, pretty, loudmouth), Payaso (16-19 years old, male, good-humored, has good vibes, comedian, coward, hasty), BB. BTK (16-19 years old, female, cute but arrogant, knows how to beatbox, tomboyish but still feminine), Mang Egay (40-50 years old, male, always wears a jacket even in hot weather, dark-skinned, talkative and smiling, encouraging), Helena (16-19 years old, female, sexy, pretty, loves to watch underground rap battles), Breezy G (18-22 years old, male, goon, small but terrible drug user), Female troops of HelenaUnderground rappersTroops of Breezy GThe poets of LunetaSpies of Mr. Hao,Barangay Tanods (males), Mr. Hao (male), Mang Kanor (male), Informal settlersRiot police.


Bobong (male, 11-13 years old), Perla (female, early 20’s, slim), Kore (female, mid-30’s to early 40’s, mestiza, Manila-born), Friends of Bobong: Tulok (male, 13-15 years old, tallest in the group), Tirong (male, 11-13 years old, nerd), Boy (male, 11-13 years old, arrogant), Nano (male, 11-13 years old, naughty), Parents: Mar and BisingElmo and Simang (mid-30’s to early 40’s), Neighbors: Doro (male, mid-late 20’s), Nane (female, mid-late 20’s), Wile (early 30’s), Sale (mid-teens), Nana Ansang (70’s to 80’s).


Divina (16 years old, typical provincial lass), Dian (15 years old, Divina’s sister, pretty), Dino (13 years old, Divina’s youngest brother), Pol (18 years old, Divina’s friend, fisherman, muscular), Loloy (14 years old, sibling of Pol), Nica (18 years old, Divina’s good friend, girly), Aling Lora (in her 50s, Divina’s distant relative), Jun-Jun (18 years old, Divina’s cousin, son of Lora), Caloy (13 years old, Dino’s good friend), Mang Danny (in his 50s, sea guard, father of both Pol and Loloy), Col. Abdullah (in his late 30s, Coast Guard official), Soldiers (in their 20s).

Applicants are advised to bring their resumes with full body and close up photos.

For inquiries, contact the CCP Media Arts Division at 832-1125 loc. 1704 or1712.