Raul “BuboyRaquitico Jr.


Choreographer and performer Raul “BuboyRaquitico Jr. is a self-confessed compulsive thinker—a trait he shows not only in the themes of his award-winning work, but also in the erratic fluidity of his dance language. Raised in a household where music is part of the family tradition, it was the natural affinity between music and the dance that gravitated him towards his first movement explorations as a member of the UP Street Dance Club. He has since traced a dynamic trajectory, performing and touring locally and abroad as a senior dancer of Ea Torrado’s Daloy Dance Company. His work has been presented and recognized in various platforms including 2017 PASUC National Culture and Arts Festival, Korea Dance Association Award, 2015 Korea International Modern Dance Competition. Last year, he won the grand prize at the 2018 WifiBody.Ph Choreographers’ Competition for his piece, ‘Transacting Comfort’, from which he was given a grant for this year’s Koryolab.