NEOFILIPINO 2020: The Man is Not Your Friend

This 2020, NeoFilipino once again presents stories in dance and film that speak of ou ...


Presented By:

Cultural Center of the Philippines


To be streamed online


October 28 - 30 2020 | CCP YouTube Channel


This year, NeoFilipino, the choreographers initiative that has been archiving political realities of our time, illustrates the pulse of Filipinos and tells the collective stories through dance in collaboration with visual arts, film, music, and theater.

“So much trouble in the world. This is for all the souls in trouble.”

With the current global pandemic, we have been paralyzed. We have been provoked. We are angered. But we are silenced. What is speech in a time of narrowing democratic space to do so?

“Somewhere in the world an innocent man is dying, even as we speak.”

This 2020, NeoFilipino once again presents stories in dance and film that speak to our time. In dancing through theater, music, and film, we hold within us a weapon beyond words and confinement.

The CCP Choreographers Series is a platform of three dance programs arranged in three levels of choreographic achievement and catering to the needs of choreographers for their artistic growth. Aiming to become the prime mover of contemporary dance expressions in Philippine society, the CCP Choreographers Series starts with (1), a competition for emerging choreographers; (2) Koryolab, a laboratory and showcase of experimental dance pieces by mid-career choreographers; and (3) NeoFilipino, a venue for established choreographers to create and stage major works in collaboration with artists of other art forms.

The new normal has challenged us to rethink the relevance of choreography during a health crisis. We ask ourselves: what can the body write and say through the screens in order to allow the Filipino audience to experience dance and storytelling in their homes?

In envisioning the CCP Choreographers Series 2020, we sought to elevate dance virtually so that a larger audience across the Philippines have access to relevant choreography and experience the world of dance.

Dance is empathy, dance is speech. We pursue dance because it is empowering, healing, listening.