Film Industry Conference (FIC) Online 2020

FDCP holds virtual conference on the film industry





September 11-15, 2020


A series of masterclasses and public sessions will be held on September 11-15 2020 under the program of Film Industry Conference (FIC). The FIC, first conducted by the FDCP in 2017, aims to bring together international experts and stakeholders to share and discuss the latest trends, opportunities, platforms, and cooperation that Filipino producers and filmmakers can explore for the development, production, and distribution of their projects with the intent of crossing beyond local borders. 

As FIC shifts to an online platform this 2020, FDCP is conducting the Film Industry Conference Online 2020 featuring local and international partners with the goal to continue the synergy between international experts, professionals, and stakeholders even online. This will be a great opportunity to give a platform and discuss the best practices, challenges, opportunities, and new norms of the industry given the current situation in a global pandemic. 

Open to the public for pre-registration

The FIC features: 

  • Access to Eight (8) Public Sessions via Zoom for Free 
  • All Public Sessions will be streamed at FDCP Facebook and Youtube pages. 
  • Masterclasses are recommended for film industry professionals and enthusiasts alike who would like to learn more about specific topics: 
    • Masterclass 1: Writing During Quarantine - Php. 800.00 / USD 16 
    • Masterclass 2: Filmmakers’ Guide to Film Distribution - Php. 1,000.00 / USD 20 
    • Masterclass 3: Editing During Quarantine - Php. 1,000.00 / USD 20 
    • Masterclass 4: Financing Your Film and Getting a Co-Production on a Lockdown - Php. 800.00/ USD 16 
    • Masterclass 5: Pitching Your Project Virtually - Php. 800.00/ USD 16 
    • Masterclass 6: The Success of Marketing Distribution of Genre Films - Php. 800.00 / USD 16 
  • FIC Premium Access to All Masterclasses at Php. 5,000.00 / USD 100 To register to FIC Premium Access, please email with the following information: 
    • Full Name 
    • Email address 
    • Mobile number 
    • Organization 
    • Designation/Title 

Register to the FIC Public Sessions and Masterclasses at the Deadline of registration on September 11, 2019. For more information, please email