CCP Arthouse Cinema: Pride and Independence

To celebrate Pride and Independence month, the CCP Arthouse Cinema screens films abou ...

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Cultural Center of the Philippines


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4 - 11, 18 - 25 June, 3:00 PM 

CCP Vimeo Channel (Showcase)


4 - 11 June

Noli Me Tangere Episode 1 (Chapters 1, 2, & 3)

Director: Eddie Romero
47 mins | G

The CCP, in collaboration with director Eddie Romero, brings to you the romance of Philippine culture in a version of the NOLI given living colour through the wonders of modern cinema. A NOLI which no ordinary reading may provide.

This 13-episode mini-series in 6 tapes captures the spirit of the NOLI by its faithful rendition of Rizal's characters and their respective tales. Never before has the tragedy of Sisa been so tristful or the martyrdom of Elias so moving as it is here. For this month, CCP Arthouse Cinema features the first episode of the mini-series that includes Chapters 1, 2 & 3 of the novel.

Shot against the rustic setting of Ilocos Sur, the mini-series showcases an array of Philippine Cinema's most respected artist. Aside from its award-winning director, it features such talents as Joel Torre (as Juan Crisostomo Ibarra), Tetchie Agbayani as the distraught Sisa, Daniel Fernando as Elias and Maria Jose Arnaldo, whose portrayal puts the character of Maria Clara in a new light. Line produced by the Philippine Educational Theatre Association, set to music by the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra, the NOLI on video is a timeless masterpiece which will leave an indelible mark on the viewer.

18 - 25 June

Lisyun Qng Geografia

Director: Petersen Vargas

20 min | G

Tib Apostol, guided by a map his best friend in high school made for him, retraces the memories of their friendship before he leaves their hometown for good. 

Ang Pagkalaglag ng Ginintuang Salamin ng Pagkakilanlan

Director: Tricia Sotaso

05 min 51 sec | PG

The film tackles the erroneous perception of beauty by the society through time and space. The society’s judgement, together with the passive narcissistic character of the woman creates a delusional truth, where the identity of one has taken over. Thus, creating a rhetorical statement, “what is beauty?”


Director: Paolo Villaluna

20 min | PG

A gay man's search for space in the corners of society.


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