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Cultural Center of the Philippines


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2 - 9 April, 3:00 PM 

16 - 23 April, 3:00 PM 

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The CCP Arthouse Cinema presents Patriots and Earth Warriors, a collection of films and documentaries from Cinemalaya, Gawad Alternatibo, and the European Union Delegation to the Philippines, putting spotlight on the Holy Week traditions, Filipino bravery, and the various environmental risks that the world is facing. 

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Director: Jarell Serencio

15 mins | PG

Life is a big show.

For ten long years now, Victor, a native in San Pedro Cutud, San Fernando, Pampanga, religiously offers himself to be nailed on the cross every Holy Week. Like other people, this has been his longtime panata (Sacrifice) for he believes that God will forgive him from all his sins and grant all his petitions after crucifying himself on the cross. But this film will show you the glaring realities of faith and beliefs and how Filipinos and foreigners embrace the tradition of Semana Santa (Holy Week) as an attraction to this town. This film will leave you questions on your own faith as well as Victors belief. Is he doing a divine sacrifice? Or is it just a part of his lifes big show?

Heneral Rizal

Director: Chuck Gutierrez

22 minutes | PG

Heneral Rizal uncovers the story of Paciano Rizal, usually regarded as the ever-supportive elder brother of the Filipino National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. Unknown to many, Paciano was a proficient general who fought the colonizers, together with Andres Bonifacio and Emilio Jacinto. He was instrumental in liberating Calamba during the Philippine Revolution.

Featuring a powerful performance by Tanghalang Pilipino Artistic Director Nanding Josef, Heneral Rizal will form part of TPs full-length stage production in 2021 aimed to shed new light in understanding nationalism and what it really means to be a Filipino.



Director: Ana Agabin

102 mins | PG

24K takes a peek into the secret world of treasure hunting in the Philippines. The film follows Manok and his team of treasure hunters as they return to their treasure site in Suyo, Ilocos Sur.

They have been told that spirits guarding the treasure favor them, and all the signs indicate success. Convinced that their site will yield the elusive treasure, they strive to do whatever it takes to find it.

Dagami Daytoy

Director: Nonilon Abao

15 mins 55 seconds | PG

Years of destruction to the rich, ancestral land, culture, and relationships in Nueva Vizcaya by a large-scale foreign mining company has divided the people, but has also summoned the collective strength of the mountains and the community to rise up. The Didipio community of Twali-Ifugao indigenous people put their stakes in setting up a barricade and risk continuing the fight for their life, honor, and land.


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