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12 - 26 February, 3:00 PM | CCP Vimeo Channel


Ligaw Liham

Director: Jay Abello, Manny Montelibano

1 hour 43 minutes

Ligaw Liham tells the story of a town where mail is still a necessary means of communicating to the outside world and what happens when the system fails and letters fail to come and go. It tells the story of Nor, the town simpleton, who falls in love with a beautiful married woman. This is his love story, his deceit, and everything else in between.


Director: Mike De Leon

40 minutes

Signos is a 1984 Super 8mm Film Documentary featuring personalities who spoke out against the brutal regime of Ferdinand Marcos. It was a collaborative effort by several filmmakers and compiled and edited by Mike De Leon.

EDSA People Power: The Philippine Experience

Director: The Filipino People; Eva Mari Salvador

A series of video clips shot during the People Power Revolution stitched together in remembrance of  the role of the people in toppling a dictator.

Revolutions Happen Like Refrains in a Song

Director: Nick Deocampo

57 minutes

This documentary is Nick Deocampo’s love song about the historical struggle of the Filipino people that led to the 1986 People Power Revolution. Both social and historical, as well as personal, the film captures the life of Filipinos in the clutches of poverty, prostitution, and dissent, intertwined with the story of the transvestite Oliver, and the filmmaker’s own personal experiences and history. 

A historical and social view of Filipino life caught in the throes of poverty, prostitution, and revolutionary change. It is a chronicle of the filmmaker's personal history as it intersects with the social upheaval of the past twenty years climaxing in the 1986 People's Power Revolution.

In the Middle of the Night

Director: Bryan Kristoffer Brazil

29 minutes

In the Middle of the Night is a documentary highlighting President Duterte’s infamous War on Drugs. Awarded first prize during the 2017 Gawad Alternatibo, this documentary follows different yet similar cases of brutal killings in the Philippines that have become so rampant and documents the aftermath. The lives that were rendered insignificant. The love lost. The injustice, the fear, the pain and the struggles of the families left behind by the “war”.


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