ANG KABALIGTARAN NG GUNAW (The Opposite of the End)

Catch the world premiere of Jerrold Tarog’s new film on CNN Philippines!

Broadcast & Film

Presented By:

Cultural Center of the Philippines in cooperation with CNN Philippines




February 14, 2021 | 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM  

Broadcast by CNN Philippines on Free TV Channel 9, Sky Cable Channel 14, & Cignal Channel 10


The CCP brings healing and hope this Love Month with the world premiere of award-winning filmmaker Jerrold Tarog’s new film “Ang Kabaligtaran ng Gunaw (The Opposite of the End),” back-to-back with the launch of “Hilom: Sayaw Dalangin ng Pag-asa at Pagkakaisa,” a folkloric dance film.

Director Tarog transmuted the original poem with the same title written by playwright Eljay Castro Deldoc into a cinematic experience, featuring the original concept and choreography by Ronelson Yadao. Tarog also composed the music for the dance film, starring dancer Eloisa Jessa Tangalin and featuring the other faculty members of CCP Dance Workshop. 

Adapted to screenplay by Tarog and Deldoc, the eight-minute short feature film brings together the different art forms – from literature, dance, music, theatre and film – to create a unique collaboration which hopefully reminds all artists and the public on the importance of artistic expression and undaunted creativity that is much needed in the process of healing and overcoming the pandemic.

Aside from being a reminder, “Gunaw” is a promise that once time permits, CCP will open its doors once again and welcome its artists back because there are still stories to be told, songs to be sung and ideas to be expressed. And as artists always say, the show must and will go on.

For 51 years now, the Cultural Center of the Philippines is a place where creativity thrives, and a home to various productions, festivals and artists. In 2020, CCP closed its doors to the public and arts became one of the most affected industries during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thousands of artists and cultural workers were displaced.

The question lingers: will the arts survive? And Tarog responds through the short feature film.

Original Concept and Choreography: Ronelson Yadao

Musical Score and Direction: Jerrold Tarog

Artistic Consultant: Alice Reyes, National Artist for Dance

Screenplay: Eljay Castro Deldoc and Jerrold Tarog

Original Poem “Ang Kabaligtaran ng Gunaw”: Eljay Castro Deldoc

Featured Dancer: Eloisa Jessa Tangalin

Artists of the CCP Dance Workshop:

Sarah Anne Alejandro

Monica Amanda Gana

Stephanie Kerilen Santiago

Karla Marie Santos

Victor Maguad

Lester John Reguindin

Earl John Arisola

Al Frederick Abraham

Louise John Ababob

Danilo Dayo Jr.

Bonifacio Guerrero Jr.

Justine Joseph Orande